We create engaging, on-brand ecommerce website designs that will…

Grow your online sales.

There are online businesses making millions in turnover every month. How? For starters they’ve nailed their web design and ecommerce offering. (they will also have a strong SEO and Adwords game)

It’s no longer just an online shopfront. You can brand, market and optimise your online store to become a fully-fledged arm of your business, delivering more revenue and more customers with every passing day.

Working with WooCommerce and Shopify, our E-Comms solutions are feature packed and essentially, give you a ‘business in a box’ from which you can sell your products to a global audience.

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Why do i need an ecommerce website?

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to unleash the power of selling online.

If you have a product to sell then you need a professional ecommerce website design.

Stats tell us that in 2021, internet purchases accounted for almost 22% of all retail sales and it’s not just retail that thrives online, B2B E-Commerce sales were 133 billion pounds last year.

An online shop is now an essential sales tool for many types of product, it means you are open 24/7 and your customers can literally carry your shop around in their pocket.

Customer experience is vital; if the pathway to your products and ultimately the shopping basket and checkout is not a simple one you will lose customers – get it right and they will keep coming back, online shoppers are incredibly loyal. Our developers put huge onus on this, ensuring the planning of your ecommerce site is right, even before they write any code.

What’s an ecommerce store?

An E-Commerce store is a website that your customers can use to directly order stock from you. They order, you deliver. It’s that simple.

How do they work?

They are static pages that draw traffic directly from Google searches or using PPC marketing budget. They offer your customers an opportunity to buy online whenever they have the need for your products.

Why do I need one?

Unlike traditional shops or offices, these are open 24/7/365. That means whenever your lovely customers have the brainwave, they can buy. Whether it’s in bed at 11pm or at the gym at the crack of dawn. When they are ready – you’re ready.

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Web design with sales in mind.

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to unleash the power of selling online.

Why choose us to build your ecommerce website?

There’s SO much to consider when you’re transitioning to selling online. When you choose to work with a branding agency that’s been there, done it and got the T-shirt – you know you’re setting yourself up for a win.

We use the industry-standard WooCommerce and Shopify platforms as a base for our builds so you can be confident that your site will always be up-to-date, secure and adhering to all the latest standards. They also come with incredible analytics and reporting tools straight out of the box – so you can spot customer trends and refine them for even more sales.

We’ve created beautifully branded ecommerce stores for many different industries, all with the core aim of generating more digital revenue for our clients. Has it worked? You betcha.

Utilising your existing assets and adding some digital know-how and branding magic, we create something wholly unique that will make online shoppers find it irresistible to not end up at the checkout.



USP Maritime has been working with Brandtastic to update our website. We have been blown away by the insights and support they have given us. It has really highlighted the benefit of working with specialised service providers in their field.

James Dryden, Commercial Director, USP Maritime

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