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We’re all about making things easy for our clients, that’s why we offer a hosting service for all the websites we create. Making us a one-stop-shop for every aspect of your web project.

In order to keep everything up-to-date, secure and shipshape on your site and our servers, all hosting comes with a maintenance pack. Our premium packs also allow for up to 3hrs† onsite work per month, so you can grow and develop your site at your own pace.

Whether we’re building you a simple brochure-style website, or an eCommerce monster, we offer hosting and maintenance packages to suit your needs. Hosting already sorted? We can still help keep you secure with a stand-alone maintenance pack.

Get 2 months free if you pay annually!

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Stand-alone Maintenance Packs

Flexible payment options - get two months free every year!

Rather than pay monthly, if you pay for a year in advance you will receive a 2 month discount.

More about how we build your website

In developing your website, we use several additional plugins to make sure that your site is as good as it can be for go live. Over time, the plugin developers will update their plugins, roll out security fixes and performance tweaks, and before long your site can be full of out-of-date plugins that are vulnerable to attack. The platform we build on – WordPress – tends to roll out around six or seven minor updates every year, as well as one major one.

Your website is made up of four key components:

Making these four elements (plus a whole host of other things) work together in harmony is what we do. We build everything bespoke for you, we only include what’s necessary, and don’t fill your site up with bloated code and unnecessary plugins like others will. Getting all these elements working in harmony is one thing, keeping them there is quite another… that’s why we bundle hosting and maintenance together.


Why do I need this? We don’t want to scaremonger, but the threat of cyber attack is very real, no matter what size the site is. One of the most common ways in which a hacker can access your website is by exploiting vulnerabilities in outdated WordPress installs, legacy code and old plugins. We make sure that none of these three things is present on your site.

What’s to stop me from doing this all myself? Theoretically, nothing. However, we know through experience that updates to plugins and the WordPress core can sometimes cause more harm than good. Plugins can clash and the site falls over – That’s why we will update everything locally, test thoroughly, and then roll out the updates on your live site, without you ever knowing we were there!

Where do you back up to, what is version control and why is it important? All of our cloud backups are made to a service called BitBucket, built by a software company called Atlassian. It uses a command line interface to track changes to code, commit those changes to the code and then push those changes to a live site. If you’ve heard of Github, BitBucket is similar but allows us to keep all of our code private. Version control is a way of tracking all changes to the code of your website. Each ‘commit’ has to have a description assigned to it, so we know what updates have taken place each time. Then, if there ever is an issue on site, we can roll back to a specific moment in time and push that commit to the live server.

*Costs are +VAT

† 3hr dev work does not roll over to the following months.

Our Standard Terms and Conditions apply to all Maintenance Contracts

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