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Avoid risk on-press.

25+ years of experience brings with it a lot of skillsets some of which are pre-digital! This means when it comes to design for print and packaging, we don’t just know how to create beautiful designs but also how to ensure they print perfectly too.

CMYK, Spot colour, Trapping, Swell, Bleed, Trim marks, Registration, and Channels are all terms you may never have heard of, but they are second nature to us – safe to say we know our Pantones from our elbow!

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So what is this dark art(work)?

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The term ‘Print Ready Artwork’ refers to a printable file that meets all guidelines and specifications to produce perfectly printed materials.

It’s this file from which Commercial printers will produce the final printed materials that constitute your finished print job. This file must be the correct file type, resolution, colours and dimensions (plus a lot of other technical stuff that we won’t bore you with) in order for the print work to turn out as visually intended Get just one of the many elements wrong and you can end up with something very different to what was on screen when the ‘p-button’ was tapped for the final time… Brown instead of orange? Easily done!

But don’t worry – We got this!

Why leave it to us?

Getting artwork right is vital.

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Tell us about your packaging design dreams!

Passion and care throughout the journey.

Having invested time (and money) in the creation of your perfect brand and packaging design, it’s vital that it rolls off the printing press just as it looked when you approved an on-screen proof.

Print-Ready Artwork is the process required to ensure that. To have this knowledge and skill in the same studio as the designer that created the work is a huge advantage over transferring the final artwork stage over to the printer’s studio. It means our whole team are invested in your brand’s journey from the initial scribble to it sitting proudly on the shelf. We think that’s hugely important – we hope you do too.




The team at Brandtastic are a pleasure to work with. Expect bold, head-turning design work that breaks the mould, coupled with a personal service that makes achieving great results easy. I would recommend their services highly.

Kat Springle, Operations Director, Easy as HGV

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